Basics and Care Tips for Ornamental Grass Landscaping

If you’re looking for a wonderful addition to your landscape that will remain a prominent part of your visual aesthetic well into fall and even winter, ornamental grass is an area you should consider strongly. Essentially a form of grass grown as ornamental plants, ornamental grasses are becoming more and more popular, particularly in areas that have colder temperatures at any point during the year.

At Professional Yard Services, our team is happy to provide a full range of ornamental grass maintenance, expertise and service as required. Let’s go over some basics on this product and how it can affect your landscaping.

basics care ornamental grass landscaping

Defining Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses, as we said above, are grasses grown as ornamental plants. They come in a huge range of sizes and shapes, plus a wide array of colors to chose from.

Back in earlier decades, these grasses were mostly only used by experienced gardeners. But since they’re not only beautiful but also low-maintenance and economically-friendly, they’ve become much more popular in recent years and are beginning to show up everywhere. They can grow in a ton of different soil environments, a huge positive factor, and are generally drought-tolerant. On top of all this, they naturally resist many of the same insect infestations or diseases that may impact other grasses or plants.

When and Where to Plant Them

The choice on when to plant ornamental grasses comes down to whether you’re choosing annual options or perennials. In the case of annuals, these should be planted in spring and are meant to last through a full season. For perennials, we recommend planting in either spring or fall – whichever you prefer them to re-appear during in future years, which they will with proper care.

When choosing your planting location, consider both available sun in the area and the water that will be present. Most ornamental grasses do best in full sunlight, though a few types may do okay in partial sun. From here, individual ornamental grasses will vary in terms of water needs – you can find these details on their tags, where they’ll tell you the kinds of soil they prefer, the sort of draining they do best with, and more.

Care Tips

Some basic planting and care tips for ornamental grasses:

  • Plant ornamental grasses at the same depth as they were in the pot – this avoids water pooling and clumping.
  • Cut grasses back to 4-6 inches each spring (if using perennials).
  • Use a slow-release fertilizer in the spring, with low nitrogen levels to prevent grass from flopping over.
  • Use mulch placement to control weed growth and unneeded reseeding around your ornamental grasses.
  • Water ornamental grasses well during their initial planting season – it helps them grow a viable root system. In future years, perennials will only need supplemental watering during drought periods (again, further detail here will depend on the exact type you choose).

For more on ornamental grasses and how to care for them, or to learn about any of our lawn care or other landscaping services, speak to the staff at Professional Yard Services today.