Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid, Part 1

At Professional Yard Services, we’re proud to serve as your go-to landscape design and maintenance professionals. With one quick call, you’ll be greeted by a team of pros with years in lawn care, sprinkler repair and several other areas of landscaping throughout Sandy and nearby areas.

Unfortunately, not everyone in our space provides the same level of quality as our services. Whether the cause of improperly trained landscapers or homeowners attempting to do too much on their own, we’ve seen a number of landscaping errors made through the years – this two-part blog will dig into several of the most common mistake areas, plus how you can avoid them and keep your property’s landscape looking pristine throughout the year.

common landscaping mistakes avoid

Improper Planning

If you truly want your landscape to remain lush and visually pleasing throughout the year, it’s going to take more than just a wave of your hand and a few minutes at your local home improvement store. Specifically, it’s going to take some planning – you can spend a bunch of money and bring in all sorts of modern plants or design elements, but if you don’t have a proper plan for their planting and care, it will all be for nothing.

For starters, research the kinds of plants you want in your landscape. Do you have the time to care for several different varieties? Are there any that require special feeding requirements or have unique growth patterns? You can perform this same basic assessment for every area of the landscape, assessing both your budget and your future available time for care and upkeep.

Pruning Concerns

One major area of maintenance for virtually any landscape is pruning, or the strategic removal of certain plant elements to encourage their growth and development. Because pruning involves actually taking parts of a plant or tree off, doing it incorrectly can cause significant damage to their health while also diminishing the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. If you aren’t 100 percent sure how to prune a given plant or tree, call our professionals and ask them to do it for you.

Forgetting About the Front Yard

Some landscape owners make the fatal mistake of only focusing on the area where they spend the most time: The back yard. And while it’s fine to focus more of your efforts in this area, a truly complete landscape – one that maintains your home’s curb appeal – also includes the front yard. Areas like pathways to the front door, basic color and dimension setting for the home are those you can work on with the front yard, even if you’re keeping things relatively simple and saving the major work for the back.

For more on avoiding common landscaping mistakes to avoid, or to learn about any of our lawn care or other landscaping services, speak to the staff at Professional Yard Services today.