Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over several landscaping mistakes to avoid on your property. Whether you’re a first-timer unsure about certain areas or an experienced gardener trying some new things, you should always take the proper care and avoid certain pitfalls.

At Professional Yard Services, we’re here to help. Contact us at any time to learn about our wide variety of landscaping maintenance services, from basic lawn care and sprinkler repair to large-scale landscape design. We’ve helped numerous homeowners steer clear of potential landscaping risks for years – here are a few more areas we’ll assist you with.

common landscaping mistakes avoid

Too Much Ornamentation

For many landscapes, decorative ornaments are a great addition that bring texture and aesthetic appeal. Some of them may even have specific functional purposes, and when used in the right context and quantity, this is a great avenue to pursue.

However, you want to avoid allowing ornaments and similar items to overwhelm the space. Too many such items will turn your garden into something else entirely – these should be used as accents in most cases, with flowers, shrubs, grasses and trees serving as the main attraction. Too many additional elements will take eyes away from the areas of the property you actually spend the most time caring for.

Cutting Grass Too Short

Cutting your grass short is a good goal to have – it looks great and will lengthen the amount of time before you need to mow again. But once again, it’s important not to go overboard here.

If you cut grass so low that the stalk is removed, for instance, the grass will be unable to grow properly. Its roots won’t come in how they should, and it won’t be able to properly maintain photosynthesis for color and quality. If you’re unsure here, find out what species of grass you use and research the proper mowing height. If this fails, our landscaping pros are here to lend a hand.

Lack of Color Blending

The goal of a beautiful landscape is to blend various colors together in aesthetically pleasing ways. This comes through a combination of flowers, plants, trees, grasses, ornamental designs, hardscape elements and several others. Do your best to avoid too much of a single color, and also avoid having too many colors – a few good variations is the best way to go, something you can update with each passing season.

Improper Irrigation

Finally, proper moisture content is vital to several areas of a great landscape. There are potential pitfalls on both sides of this coin: You can’t under-water your plants and grass for fear of them browning or dying altogether, but over-watering can also have several negative effects as well. Ask our team about our sprinkler repair services and other areas when it comes to the proper irrigation system for your landscape.

For more on avoiding common landscaping mistakes, or to learn about any of our landscaping services, speak to the pros at Professional Yard Services today.