Professional Yard Services is a trusted landscaping and lawn care company serving Riverton and the surrounding northern Utah region. Established in 1992 as a mowing service, we’ve since grown to become a full-service landscape maintenance provider.

We offer a comprehensive range of lawn care solutions for Riverton homeowners – we’re proud to be a one-stop shop for professional landscaping and yard services. 

Expert Lawn Fertilization

Keeping your Riverton lawn looking green and lush takes more than regular watering. In our area of Utah, fertilization is typically a must if you want a beautiful blanket of grass.

The right fertilizer can have an impressive impact on the color and health of your lawn. Figuring out which fertilizer to use and when to apply it takes expertise, as every yard has unique needs — but Professional Yard Services is up to the challenge.

Our landscaping team has extensive skill, training and experience in lawn fertilization, and we can determine how to properly feed your grass to ensure that it stays visibly healthy. Plus, if you like, our fertilizer experts can handle the feeding of your outdoor plants and flowers.

Sprinkler System Repair

If your watering system isn’t working as it should, your lawn won’t get enough hydration. That leads to dry spots and dead patches of grass – which isn’t the landscaping look any Riverton homeowner wants.

The solution is as simple as a phone call to Professional Yard Services. Our skilled contractors understand how to diagnose and solve sprinkler system issues. And we always aim to keep the repair costs as low as possible.

Whether your sprinkler malfunction is due to a wiring issue or a faulty part, our team can provide a fast, effective fix. With our sprinkler experts on the job, your Riverton lawn will soon look vibrant and healthy again.

Yard Care and Maintenance

Maybe you don’t have time for mowing, trimming and edging. Or, perhaps you’d just rather leave those tasks to an experienced landscaping professional. In either case, you can turn to the Professional Yard Services team.

We handle routine yard care and maintenance in Riverton and throughout northern Utah, providing specialized landscaping services to address each homeowner’s unique concerns. Our team can come out to mow, trim and edge your lawn on a regular basis. We also offer yard cleanup, getting all of the sticks, leaves and debris out of the way so that your landscaping can really shine.

In addition to recurrent yard care and maintenance, we provide several other services. Professional landscaping design and planning is one of our areas of expertise. We also offer monthly and per push snow removal as well as indoor and outdoor pest control. Our team does it all – and we guarantee customer satisfaction with all of our services.

If you live in Riverton, Utah, and are looking for affordable professional landscaping and yard care solutions, Professional Yard Services can meet your needs. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate today.