Comprehensive Lawn Maintenance in Sandy and Draper, Utah

We highly recommend a full-service cleanup at the onset of services in order to bring the property up to par so that it can be efficiently maintained throughout the season with our recurring detail services.

Our  teams are trained, skilled, efficient, and will mow, trim, edge your lawn on a reliable basis. This will save you considerable amounts of time that can be spent on more desirable activities.


Professional Yard Services is a trusted provider of landscape maintenance in Draper & Sandy, Utah. Our team provides a full range of services to keep your residential lawn clean and green all year round.

Detailing services can be catered to your specific needs. This includes pricing, work to be desired, and where on the property the work should be done.

What Are the Most Common Lawn Concerns of Homeowners?

Many homeowners do not have the time to mow, trim, and edge their lawn regularly. Many others do not know where to begin when dealing with a lifeless flower garden, predominantly brown grass, glaringly bare spots, or pesky bugs all over the lawn. Our professional lawn care team addresses all these issues in your green area.

Whether you have no time to look after the lawn or no idea where to start, you can rely on us for a wide range of lawn care services that address your unique concerns. We survey your property and determine the most suitable way to keep your lawn verdant and to keep nasty bugs away.

Our Landscape Maintenance Service

Our team takes pride in being a one-stop shop for all your landscaping concerns. If you need lawn cutting service for your Sandy home, we’re there. If you need year-round grass maintenance in your Draper home, we’re there, too. Our maintenance activities include yard cleanup, grass maintenance, and lawn cutting. Our team is meticulous about our lawn care process, guaranteeing client satisfaction every time.

Tell Us All About Your Lawn Care Needs

Professional Yard Services provides a comprehensive range of landscape maintenance services for Sandy, UT homeowners. Since 1992, we have come a long way from simple lawn mowing activities to a complete range of lawn care solutions. Let us know what type of care your lawn needs and we’ll arrange a solution for you.

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