Themes to Consider for Fall Lawn Maintenance, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics for fall lawn care to consider on your property. The fall season is an important transition from summer to winter, and taking the proper steps now will ensure your lawn is healthy and ready once the spring hits.

At Professional Yard Services, we offer a wide variety of related lawn care services, from lawn fertilization to cutting, sprinkler repair and numerous others. In today’s part two, we’ll go over several additional areas to consider, both on your own or with the assistance of our professional landscapers, to keep your lawn in great shape throughout the cold season.

themes fall lawn maintenance


While you don’t necessarily have to do this every year, the process of aeration – which involves punching holes in the ground and pulling up plugs of soil – is valuable, and best done during the fall season. This process stops soil from being too compacted or from being covered with thatch, a layer of roots and other debris that blocks water and nutrients from reaching the soil.

Generally speaking, you want to aerate the lawn just before beginning fertilization. This allows the fertilizer to make its way directly to the roots, providing maximum benefits.


After aeration, if you choose to do it this fall, you should immediately look to fertilize the lawn. Fertilizer brings vital nutrients, including sugars that prevent root freezing and give the grass the energy to last the winter and be strong during the spring. Our pros will be happy to explain the various nutrients present in fertilizer, from sugars to nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, each of which holds its own distinct benefits for your lawn.

Spreading Seeds

For proper weed protection, it’s important to spread seeds that will fill in thin spots and bare patches – but will also provide drought tolerance and resiliency. Fall is a great time for this, as the ground is still somewhat warm from the summer and there’s plenty of moisture to go around.

Now, it’s important to realize that you can’t simply throw seeds over an established lawn willy-nilly. Seeds need to make direct contact with the soil, plus stay moist until they germinate. Speak to our team about assistance in this area if needed.

Proper Timing

For each of the steps we’ve gone over in this series, it’s important to take proper timing. If you fertilize too early, for instance, the grass will grow in tender, delicate blades that may not do well during the cold winter. Too late, on the other hand, and the roots won’t have enough time to absorb the proper nutrients.

For more on the proper timing for fall lawn care areas, or to learn about any of our lawn or landscaping services, speak to the staff at Professional Yard Services today.